ASO Vs SEO : What’s Difference Between ASO & SEO

Optimization of the search engine and the App Store is not the same thing and should not be done in the same way. Although they are focused on organic traffic, user searches, and keywords, it is vastly different from having a program to rank from the program shops to get a site to rank on the internet. Notwithstanding that, many software developers continue to apply SEO methods to their ASO strategy and expect it to work as well. Their unavoidable disappointment reinforces the need to consider the values that exist between SEO and ASO.

There are some main aspects of ASO that are distinct from mobile SEO that illustrates where we stand in the optimization fight.

ASO (App Store Optimization)

What is ASO?

ASO or App Store Optimization is the method of maximizing the visibility of an app in the app stores to grow organic app downloads. Apps are more apparent when ranking high on a wide range of search words, holding a strong spot in the top charts, or being featured by the shop.

The objective of ASO:

ASO service providers typically seek to improve the rankings of an app on high volume keywords with the ultimate goal of rising downloads. As discovery is gaining popularity in both the app stores, ASO experts are now also starting to concentrate on tactics that help to improve the exposure of their product in the editorial material, stories, or similar cards.

Search Intent of ASO:

In-app store search queries are usually shorter than on the internet. People prefer to browse for their brand name for particular apps, or are looking to find new apps that can fulfil an exact need. Therefore search queries appear to be more usable for me and are correlated with unique features of an app.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of which your WebPages in the results pages of organic search engines to bring more eligible traffic to your website.

The objective of SEO:

SEO service provider’s ultimate aim is to push more eligible traffic through the organic search engines to your web pages and help people find answers to their questions or discover new products or services.

Search Intent of SEO

Search words appear to be longer and more descriptive because of the abundance of information on the internet.When browsing on the web, people usually seek answers to specific questions or make transactional inquiries for gaining knowledge or purchasing a particular product or service.


There’s very little doubt that both SEO and ASO are perfect ways to improve the chances of optimization in search engines and app stores for greater discoverability. As such, rather than merely concentrating on the fight between the two, it is best to approach the problem with the importance it needs and thinks about.

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