Guidelines Of ASO That You Must be Following in 2021

A smartphone app or game can be advertised in several ways: content marketing, Facebook media, ASO (App Store Optimization), SEO, Apple Search Advertising, Google Ads, influencer marketing, and more. In this post, we will concentrate on ASO Guidelines to get a better understanding of how it functions, and research it in depth.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

As its name means, App Store Optimization is the method of optimizing a mobile app or game with different goals in mind: 

  • Improve visibility in the stores, in both ASO Queries and Explore to improve listing traffic. 
  • Improve the conversion rate for full volume (organic / non-organic) installations. 

You may summarise it this way, to make it plain and simple: 

This lowers paying UA prices, and the traffic the app or game generates is a better-quality one. ASO has grown a lot in recent years and techniques are still to be implemented, so here are comprehensive ASO Strategies for Mobile Apps or Games in 2020.

The key characteristics which can be tailored according to best practice are:

The App’s Icon:

The icon is the first function the user sees as they browse the shop. It also usually gives users a first impression of the app, and so it must be planned perfectly. 

It is important to have the logo of the app represent its essence and complement the title. The consumer should be able to understand what the app provides very easily, so without using any text, he must view the important information. 

When the app is downloaded, the app’s icon will continuously be displayed on the user’s screen so it needs to be recognizable and identifiable against different backgrounds. Therefore it is important to do many tests and use a border that could prove useful.

The App’s Title:

If the icon has caught the eye, the title is searched quickly to provide the final detail. In addition to being special, descriptive, and coherent, the title must ensure the most important keywords for the app are used. 

If it’s in the Apple Store (max. 50 characters) or the Google Play Store (max. 30 characters), the title of the app is an indispensable reference feature. The keywords it contains are considered by the algorithm which then classifies the product into the search results. 

Also, ASO service providers always suggest you to avoid special characters which are very important, as the name of the app are repeated in the homepage URL of the app (on iTunes or Google Play).

The App’s Description:

The Apple Store algorithm does not take account of the definition. Since every app is indexed online using the product page, however, SEO must not be ignored. This is why optimizing an Apple summary with good keywords is still essential. 

Also in terms of conversion, the description is very critical as it must persuade the user to download the app. Why ASO?, the clear explanation is restricted to 3 lines to make the user click ‘more’ to read the rest; you need to be especially persuasive right from the start.


App Store Optimization is the secret to the success of your product. Without it, millions of users will lose your computer in the ocean. So if you want ASO benefits and hit your target audience with your app, you have to develop and incorporate a sound knowledge in ASO. 

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