Top SEO Strategies You Must Know in 2021

Here’s the hard fact, if you’re not ranking your target keywords in Google’s top 10 rankings, your website might be invisible on Google as well. 

Google has many methods and tactics that you can try to rank higher, however, if you don’t get the basics correct, the chances of ranking on Google’s page 1 are small. 

By following best practices of the SEO, you will lay the groundwork for your site to get SEO benefits. If the groundwork has been laid, you can move on to more advanced keyword research and techniques for building ties. 

Here we’ll share the 3 best SEO strategies you can pursue to achieve higher search rankings by 2020.

Voice Search:

In 2017, there were 33 million voice-search requests. According to March 2019 results, 20 percent of mobile queries are voice searches. As voice search becomes more common, more people are going to type search queries the same way they speak. 

Please note that most of these questions are long-tail and very specific? 

Users want a clear answer to the exact question they have raised. Users who check for long-tail keywords are in the consideration stage and the recognition stage is more likely to convert than others. 

Bullet Lists Improve the odds of voice query rankings and most voice queries are local. Therefore optimize your website for local SEO.

Featured Snippets:

A snippet featured is a description of a response to a search question. It is displayed by Google at the top of the SERP page, above paid, and organic advertising. 

They’ve been around for several years and have made major improvements to the search engine result page on Google. Nearly half of all searches result in no clicks because users get the answers they need from SERPs directly. In reality, a 2 million featured snippets study showed that the featured snippet is getting more traffic than the first organic search result. 

Look for search queries and keywords based on the query. Using questions from the “people often ask” segment as it provides context for a more in-depth response to relevant questions.

Video is going to be the new content king:

Google adores footage. It’s a vital part of the Digital Marketing and SEO for ranking. Video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of SERP than a plain-text web page, according to a Forrester Study. Also, video is used in 62 percent of universal Google searches. 

Build helpful YouTube videos on your website to support existing content. It’s not a guarantee for the results of the first page but when Google indexes your video, you’ll enjoy higher traffic. 

Embed videos to get more views on your web site. Remember to streamline your video to the width of your blog. Put a copy on the website to help users understand what the quality of your video is about.


Just when you think you fully understand the SEO, changes to the algorithms occur. Today’s SEO is a systematic method that demands effective marketing strategies both offline and online. Invest in SEO service providers as a long-term lead generation technique and remain on top of the new SEO trends to avoid being left behind. 

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